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New Book: 'In My Kitchen'

100 Recipes and Discoveries for Passionate Cooks

Cover of In My Kitchen
As the host of Food Network’s hit show Chopped, Ted Allen presides over a pressure-filled kitchen, with chefs scrambling to cook with mystery ingredients. But at home, Ted is the one chopping the vegetables and working the stove, embracing unusual ingredients and new techniques.

Ted’s new cookbook shares the recipes he loves for people who want to roll up their sleeves, crank up the stereo, and get their hands dirty in the kitchen.
For me, the kitchen is the most special room in the house, and it’s a place for adventure…Every recipe in this book, from the simplest baked rice to a tongue-sizzling Thai curry, contains a tip, a trick, or an epiphany, something that has enriched my understanding of and love for the kitchen—and that will enrich yours, too.
- Ted

‘The Food You Want to Eat’

From crème brulée to cocktails: Delicious recipes for entertaining and everyday

Cover of The Food You Want to Eat
Come cook with Ted! “The Food You Want to Eat” offers more than 100 recipes that cleverly reinterpret classics like Old School Caesar Salad; Crispy Oven-Fried Crabcakes; Paella with Seafood, Chicken and Chorizo; and Mustardy Barbecued Spareribs.

There’s also plenty of repertoire-stretching: Try the Pan-Roasted Salmon with Tomato Vinaigrette and Thai Green Chicken Curry with Vegetables.

There are helpful sections on how these dishes work, such as The Essentials of Steak, how to buy fish, and the exciting growth of organic food. And, of course, dessert—finish up with  Chocolate-Glazed Almond Butter Cake, Warm Spiced Apple Tart, or New Age Floats!

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Praise for ‘The Food You Want to Eat’

‘The Food You Want to Eat’ is ‘the book you need to own.’ Ted Allen is your personal guide to easy entertaining, from thirst-quenching cocktails to classic desserts with a twist, and everything in between.
Bobby Flay
‘The Food You Want to Eat’ is a great first cookbook for anyone and everyone. Ted knows his stuff—which are the best ingredients and what are the smartest, simplest, and tastiest ways to prepare them. More important is his friendliness—he demystifies the daunting mysteries of good cooking, wine pairing and fine dining.
Sara Moulton
When I first picked up Ted’s book, I thought, ‘Ha! How can this man possibly know what I want to eat?’ Then I read it ... OK, so he does know what I want to eat, but I bet he can't make it the way I like it. Then I cooked from the book and ... OK, somehow he does know. Accessible, tasty, educational and effortlessly elegant (think Carey Grant), this is the kind of kitchen guide you’ll want to give to all your friends. Just never lend out your own copy.
Alton Brown

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